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Heartbreaking stories about the forced detainees in Aden (Report)

[ A protest vigil for the mothers of the abductees ]

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الثلاثاء, 23 يناير, 2018 10:59 مساءً

For the last moments of his life, even before his last breath, the old man Abdul-Elah was still asking about the fate of his son Mohammed, who had been forcibly hidden for more than 14 months.

Mohammed Abdul-Elah, 44 years, was arrested on 10 November 2016. He was working on a taxi he owned in Al-Qalaw'a district.

According to his sister, she told "Almawqea Post" that her brother Mohammed had been arrested and his car was hijaked to an unknown destination, so his fate had remained unknown for 14 months.

She said sadly "My father died at the beginning of last December and he was saddened by the fate of his son Mohammed, who was a member of the resistance during the invasion of the interim capital of Aden by the rebels in early 2015."

And she added "we kept searching for him everywhere and according to the information we have been able to obtain from several sources, the anti-terrorism team of the Aden Security Department is the one who arrested Mohammed and then transferred him to the UAE forces camp in Breqa.

According to his sister, he was arrested nearly two weeks after the birth of his first child, who is currently in his first year, without even knowing the image of his father.

"The family has not given up on the follow-up," she said. His sister is always going out in the vigils carried out by the mothers of the detainees. He has already been named to the Red Cross office in Aden as well as interested human rights organizations.

"His family's demands do not go beyond the legal rights to reveal his fate, bring him to trial and allow him to be visited. She describes what is happening to him now a blatant violation that is not recognized by any law.

The story of Mohammed Abdul Elah Ghilan, is one of dozens of stories, if not hundreds, filled with the suffer produced by the security formations in the interim capital of Aden, especially those supported by the UAE.

Dozens of those who have been forcibly disappeared have lost family members, the detainees have not been allowed to visit the relative's body or at least even know the news of the death of their relative, their children's features have changed, in the other hand they are forced to be inside secret jails for many months without a clear fault, a tragic scene experienced by hundreds of families in the temporary capital Aden and neighboring southern provinces for nearly two years.

Ahmed Abdo Ahmed Hussein, 18 years, his father also died while he is detained in the central prison in Al-Mansoura; he was arrested after a raid on his house in Al-Mansoura district on 6 August , 2016.

His father died two months after his arrest. Ahmed was not allowed to visit his father's body for the last time. The family took the body and put it in the central prison so that the detainee could see his father's body for the last time before his death.

In the past, the security services allowed prisoners to visit the bodies of their relatives under strict security measures, but according to sources close to the family, the security forces did not show any response to the family of the detainee Ahmed. Even the high school exams that he was suppose to pass lat year he wasn't allowed to pass it.

Despite his being held without charge or clear evidence; his family tried to persuade the Central Prison Administration to allow her son Ahmad to go out for exams and then return. He spent the most months of his time in the detention studing, hoping that the prison administration would allow him to leave for his examination and then get back, but that did not happen.

According to sources close to his family the tol"Almawqea Post" that Ahmed was released at the end of October 2017, one year and two months after his arrest, after confirming his innocence of any suspicion that he was arrested.

It is one of the outstanding issues on the government's table in general and the Ministry of the Interior in particular, along with the file of the non-state security forces, which is already the military arm of the United Arab Emirates in the interim capital Aden and the neighboring southern provinces.

Since the arrival of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Ahmed Al-Maisri - newly appointed - to Aden he keen to ensure that he will work to unify the security services and ensure that the survival of dispersed; a clear reference to the security forces established by the UAE in early 2016.

Interior Minister Ahmed Al-Maisri met with a group of forced detainee's mothers on January 7, following a protest in front of his house in Al-Mansoura district. Al-Maisri promised forced detainees's mothers to follow up on their sons cases, and to find a sotution for that.This proves that these secret prisons are directly controled by the UAE.

It should be noted that there are at least five secret prisons in Aden in addition to the central prison in Al-Mansoura, which also does not follow the Ministry of the Interior, but follows the forces of the security belt, In fact there are more than 1200 forced detainees hidden in those prisons.


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